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About Us...!

The National Council for Sports and Youth Development (NCSYD) is a non-profit organization working towards the development of children and empowerment of the youth through the medium of sports. The role of education for the development of a child into an able citizen of the country cannot be denied but what shall add more significance to that process is the involvement of the children and youth into sports. The best medium to inculcate the qualities of unity, team work, physical and mental strength, the fighter attitude etc. is surely sports rather than any textbook

Sports as a medium plays a much larger role in India where majority of the population still remains in the rural regions. It has certainly penetrated those areas where education still finds no hard ground of existence. It is way of ordering the social arrangements and teaches being in harmony without losing the vigour.

At a time, when electronics mostly confine the youth within four concrete walls, off late, the urban population has shown interest in the sports arena given the promotion of the sports stars. Another development has been the highlighting of the fairer-sex, i.e. the women participation in sports and the coming up of the hitherto non-conventional sports such as archery, shooting, badminton, table tennis, chess, squash etc. These are surely very positive signs for the society. The inclusion of women folk has commenced the much-needed process of gender equity, which seems to be the need of the hour in the country. In a society almost completely patriarchal in nature since its inception, participation of the youth in sports has had better results with reference to bridging gender imbalances. Further, the gems of the fields are offered easy employment opportunities in the government sectors, which provide them the much needed support towards development.

All these factors along with many and clubbed with education, make sports a must have component of a student's curriculum. The benefits of sports that could have cascading effects in the process of nation building and inclusive growth still remain accrued to the country. India has immense and marvelous talents of sports but we are losing on the same to countries like China and U.S.A at the international competitions. The reason being less inclusion of sportsperson from the actual hubs of the nation - the rural regions and secondly, the availability of good coaching grounds/ facilities for different games. The existent facilities already very less in numbers are found in sorry and dilapidated state. NCSYD will try to bridge that ever increasing gap which will facilitate the all round development of the nation and the society. The various activities of NCSYD will always be in tandem with the goals and requirements of the nation. We are an initiative to educate the children and the youth through sports as the youth icon, Swami Vivekananda himself envisaged that the youth of the nation would feel nearer to heaven through football rather than the study of GEETA. The country needs a strong, educated youth brigade and religion shall come next. We share this responsibility with coaches, trainers and leaders that work in federations, schools, colleges, Universities and clubs.

We provide children and young people with opportunities to acquire basic sport skills, to hone their fortes in sports, to participate in training and competition, championship and to improve performance. We give enough space to youth sports activities outside the formal framework of training and competition. In these activities, we have put sports as a mean to work with young people. With the help of sports, communication, participation, prevention and integration becomes possible. Expectedly both the aspects – termed as the formal and non-formal education aspect of sport – form part of our initiatives. However, from our point of view, less attention has been drawn to the development and recognition of the second aspect.

We have focused to represent the interests of people under the age of 35 dealing with sport in India. We promote sport and health, participation and volunteering of children and young people in sports and international cooperation.
The main activities of NCSYD are:-

  • Developing skill development program through Sports
  • Networking of the Rural sports organizations with the Urban centers of Excellence
  • Offering a discussion platform for voicing current sports issues
  • Exchange of ideas on national sports developments for the children and youth
  • Seeking greater international platforms for sport for promoting the indigenous talents
  • Strengthening the cooperation with other bodies dealing with children and youth matters
  • Publishing regular updates and positions in the arena of sports activities of the national and international forum.

NCSYD believes that continued efforts will bring fore the huge untapped sports talents that remain unknown of in the nation.


Ist Inter School Cricket Tournament at Agra

1st Inter School Cricket Tournament for Boys under-16 from 1st June, 2014 to 8th June, 2014 at Agra for school children at Eklovya Stadium Agra/Railway Institute Agra.

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Ist U-14 Cricket Championship

1st Under 14 Cricket Championship is being organized at Malkapur, Dist Buldana, (Maharashtra), From 3rd May, 2014 to 9th May, 2014

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization

To encourage and support the promotion of ethics in sport as well as education of youth through sports and to dedicate its efforts to ensuring that, in sport, the spirit of fair play.

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Officials Announced

To encourage and support the promotion of ethics in sport as well as education of youth through sports and to dedicate its efforts to ensuring that, in sport, the spirit of fair play.

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Official Website Launched

To encourage and support the promotion of ethics in sport as well as education of youth through sports and to dedicate its efforts to ensuring that, in sport, the spirit of fair play.

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